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One of the unique features of the MMO Adellion is its deep and intriguing lore. On these pages, the lore will not only be presented, but it will be constantly updated, something crucial in a dynamic world. In the future you will hopefully see updates not only by Cultural Leaders, but by Town Leaders and the heads of the various Families of Adellion.

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Sakoian Words and Phrases

Posted By on May 19, 2009

    Surric has asked me to upload a glossary of Sakoian words for you to utilize during your role play. More will certainly be added. He did an amazing job so please commend him on the forums. You can find the list by going here and then clicking on the link. I will put a Discussion on the Sakoian Forum here.

    He has also organized some of my Dalmite words and I will be adding those later.



    Dynris is here!

    Posted By on May 18, 2009

      I have added the summary of Dynris. Enjoy!


      Bloodlands Information Added

      Posted By on May 17, 2009

        Hi all!

        I have added some new information about the Bloodlands.  Under the Bloodlands link to the left, you will find information on the city-states of Caeril, Erana and Ilderskel. Dynris is still under construction but should be available soon.

        Enjoy the new stuff! More should be coming soon.


        New Lore Site!

        Posted By on February 6, 2009

        • French

        The site is open now for members of the forum. Not all of the lore is on this site yet but more will be added each week. This is not just to keep you in suspense but also to allow the CLs and Lore Conceptualist to coordinate together. We want integrated lore that makes sense.

        When the lore is updated, the Lore Conceptualist will also update with a message letting you know where to find the new information.

        Comments are disabled but you can go to the
        and post your comments.

        I will add the Bloodland Cities later this afternoon but wanted to get something out for our European friends before they go to bed. 🙂